The Romanian Football Federation has launched the National Football Academy and the e-learning platform Academia by FRF for the development of sports education in Romania

The Romanian Football Federation (FRF) has launched today the National Football Academy (ANF), that aims to become the biggest supplier of sport education programs in Romania. Through the education of specialists, the goal of ANF is to contribute towards the growth of sports organizations and to the sustainable development of the Romanian football.

A vision for the development of sports education on

The launch event of ANF brought together important figures that have influenced the world of sport education both nationally and internationally.

In the opening of the event, Răzvan Burleanu, President of the Romanian Football Federation, has presented the plan for the growth of sports education in Romania and the vision of the National Football Academy.

Răzvan Burleanu: ”Education is a key pillar around which we will focus our attention and investments in the years to come. Through the launch of the National Football Academy, we will contribute towards the implementation of our vision for the future of sports education in Romania and the Academy will play a key role for the preparation of all the professionals behind the football clubs.”

Academia by FRF – courses for athletes, specialists, and future leaders from the football industry

Through the National Football Academy and the e-learning platform Academia by FRF, the Romanian Football Federation aims to deliver courses designed both for athletes and specialists that work directly with them, and for the professionals that work off the field, involved in sports management, volunteering and other operations.

While they could not be present in person for the launch event, important figures from the world of international football have greeted the official launch of the ANF and FRF’s efforts to develop football through sport education through video messages.

Both FIFA through the ex-Arsenal manager, Arsène Wenger (current Chief of Global Football Development at FIFA), and UEFA through Thomas Junod (Direcotr of UEFA Academy), have sent support messages for the new educational project of the Romanian Football Federation. They were joined by the Portuguese Football Federation President, Fernando Gomes, ex-international player for France and Champions League winner Florent Malouda (UEFA Ambassador) and the President of the European Club Association (ECA) and Juventus Turin, Andrea Agnelli.

Gheorghe Hagi has also underlined the importance of the National Football Academy for the development of the Romanian football: „The launch of the National Football Academy by the Romanian Football Federation is very important, and it will support the development of the Romanian Football. We need professional education and we need sport managers, just as we see in the European and global football”.

Messages from the international football community

Arsène Wenger, former Arsenal manager and current Chief of Global Football Development at FIFA: ”Hi to all the Romanian football fans. I heard some good news that you are opening an Academy and as well an online Academy. During my whole life I’ve seen that education is key. I’ve seen that in my country and I’ve seen that at Arsenal where I’ve made so many efforts to develop the education of young players. Congratulations for this huge initiative!”

Florent Malouda, former international football player for France, Champions League winner with Chelsea and current UEFA Ambassador: ”Today is the launch of your National Football Academy. For me it is an important milestone for the foundation of your future successes. It’s not only about the players and the coaches. It’s also about the administrative staff, the ground workers, the management staff, the fans and their families. We can all grow and develop with a solid education foundation.”

Thomas Junod, Director of UEFA Academy: ”Football is a passion that you can have through your entire life. Education is a tool which allows us to grow and scale this passion. I praise the Romanian Football Federation’s strategy for the education of all the key players involved in the Romanian football. The National Football Academy and the e-learning platform are crucial initiatives that will provide access to education for many.”

Fernando Gomes, President of the Portuguese Football Federation: ”Since 2017 the establishment of the Portuguese Football School was a key moment that contributed to the education of 4000 students through over 150 courses. I would like to congratulate the Romanian Football Federation for its strategic decision to create the National Football Academy and I am convinced that this key decision will be a key factor for the development of football in Romania.”

Andrea Agnelli, President of Juventus Torino and Charmain of European Club Association: ”We warmly congratulate you on the important job you are doing with the Romanian Football Federation and, in particular, for launching the National Football Academy. We agree that education is important on and off the pitch and we are confident that your work will make a difference in the development of Romanian football”.

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